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The door handle/door release on my 1998 Suburban- 216,300 miles-broke 2 weeks ago.
The last few months it had gotten harder to release the door, and then it finally broke.
The "pot metal" casting just broke.
At first I was going to "just live with it" and roll the window down to open it from the outside.
But I got smart- bought a $15.87 replacement part off Ebay.

The worse part of this job is getting those POS plastic fasteners that hold the door trim big plastic covering to release-the tool helps

I also managed to break all the little tabs off the bezel that surrounds the handle.

One tricky aspect of getting the covering off was taking enough of the sheetmetal screws off to get my hand in there to reattach the new part.
One other problem was the little white plastic bushings that came with the new part didn't attach to the 2 rods tightly enough. I had to use the original bushings.

It took a 3/16 short pop rivet-and that was it.
I should have asked here- would have saved some grief.
I hate invisible fasteners and tabs- I end up getting pissed off- using too much force in the wrong direction -and breaking them.I fool with them so infrequently-once every several years- that I completely forget how to work with them.

Oh well-could have been worse.

So be careful taking off bezel-get something in there to push the tabs down- before removing it.
Then slip the releasing tool- or a screwdriver- along the edges of the covering- and pry them off- a little at a time.Don't try to pry one completely off- it will just pop right back in-go all the way around loosening a bit at a time.
There are two Phillips screws you have to remove- you'll see them.
I popped the lightbulb completely out- just squeeze it.

I didn't need to take the electrical connectors off- they are tricky to get out-you just have to support the covering while reattaching the new handle/plate/lock etc

The covering eventually lifts upward off the window.(it overlaps the window 3/4" or so.
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