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Replacing instrument cluster lights and ac controls lights

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I was wondering if someone can tell me how you get access to those bulbs
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What year/ model truck? Typically what you do is remove the dash trim piece, undo the bolts holding the cluster in place, pry open the cluster and replace the bulbs.
I need to replace several also. I have a 2004. Gauge cluster light is out. I have heard you have to solder the new ones in. Does anyone know what kind of bulb to replace them with?
Hello my silverado is a 2006
Unless Chevrolet has made a big change since 99, all you need to do is remove the trim bezel around the cluster, the cluster is held in by 4 screws, remove them and you will be able to remove the cluster. The lamp socket twist out and the buls pull out of the socket. The only ones I have seen that need soldering are the ones in the radio. Take your time and you will do fine.
Unfortunately, the 03-07.5 NBS truck clusters have soldered-in incandescent bulbs like these---->

But the cluster removal is still the same procedure. Not sure about the climate control bulbs but I believe there might be a tutorial on replacing them in the How-To section of the forum.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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