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2004 2500HD Crew CAB

10 years ago I installed a avalanche roof rack kit from the dealer on my crew cab 2500HD.
being the truck has a 6" lift kit and is sitting on 40s I barely ever seen the roof. The instructions did not say anything about weatherstripping or sealer or anything.

Well now my truck has 3"-6" rust/ holes on the roof at ever mounting bolt/rivet hole.

I thought about fiberglass, patch weld, even 3' long x 3" wide sheet metal plates. all of which will take a lot of time and never look right.
So I decided I I was going to pull the skin off and replace it. I got busy at other work so I figured I would go see what a body show would charge. The body shop told cutting the roof off at the posts is less work. I have in the past cut 3 camaro roofs off and weld t-top roofs on so it cant be that hard for me. I have watched ayou tube video of a guy replacing the skin on a truck. IT does seem like more work than cutting at the posts. plus as a bonus I could drop a roll cage in while Im at it.

Any one here ever cut a roof off or pull the skin off a truck? Any problems?
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