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This process may have changed during the 2011 model year, please check your owners manual and report back if you can still do this or not.

How To:
This is what I did for my 2010 Chevrolet Traverse, which I bought used from a Mazda dealer and their techs rotated the tires but did not reset the TMPS locations. When I tried to add air to my tires I noticed that air added to the Drivers Rear was showing up on the Driver Information Center display as Drivers Front. Can't have that, so I did a little bit of research and learned how to reset the TPMS myself.

Following the instructions in my manual:

1) Put key in ignition and set to the Run position, but do not start.
2) Hold both the lock and unlock buttons on remote at the same time until the horn chirps.
3) You will see a message on the DIC about tire mode (or TPMS mode) being active.
4) Starting with the Drivers Front tire, let air out of the tire until the horn chirps once. Move clockwise around the car and repeat.
4a) TPMS Programming Pattern: Drivers Front, Passenger Front, Passenger Rear, Drivers Rear.
5) The horn will chirp twice on the last tire.
6) You're done. Now just air up the tires to manufacturers specs and hit the road.

I may do a video of this. Not sure why GM added this very handy feature and then took it away. said:
The GM Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is designed to provide information to the customer allowing them to better maintain proper tire pressure in their vehicle. Proper tire pressure is important for optimizing safety, fuel economy, vehicle performance, and tire wear. Because the GM Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) recognizes a unique sensor ID in each tire, a TPM relearn must be performed after every tire rotation.

On past model vehicles, there were two procedures to relearn the TPMS: a Dealer Procedure and a Customer Procedure. After putting the vehicle in relearn mode, the Dealer Procedure used a TPM Tool (J-46079) or equivalent to activate each TPM sensor individually (Tool Method). This allowed each rotated tire/TPM sensor ID to be stored in the new corner location. The Customer Procedure required increasing or decreasing air pressure in each tire by one psi (Delta Pressure Method) to active the sensor allowing each rotated tire/TPM sensor ID to be stored in the new corner location. When using either the Dealer or Customer Procedure, there was the possibility of picking up and storing a stray pressure sensor signal ID from another vehicle that may have been broadcasting n the area. If a stray sensor was inadvertently stored, the system would not recognize the stray sensor ID and the vehicle would set a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and illuminate the TPM System light.

To commonize procedures and eliminate the possibility of storing stray sensor signals, starting with Late 2011 Model Year GM vehicles and all vehicles build after that point will support just one TPM relearn procedure - the Dealer Procedure. This change allows both Dealers and Customers a common, faster, and more efficient method to relearn tire pressures after each tire rotation. Because all future TPM Relearns will be performed using the Dealer Procedure, customers wanting to rotate their own tires and perform their own TPM Relearn will be required to utilize a relearn tool. GM has designed and manufactured an inexpensive Relearn Tool (EL-50448) specifically for this application. Owner’s manuals have been updated accordingly, to verify the relearn method to be used, reference the Owner’s Manual – Tire Rotation – TPMS Sensor Matching Process.

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Good post [MENTION=1]Steve[/MENTION], from what I've read 2011- GM took this ability away from the end user. You now have to get that silly TPMS reset tool.

Another thing that POd me was that GM took away the ability to program new remotes via the DIC as well. You have to use some kind of scan tool now.

As far as WHY GM did this, it's so you have to go back to the dealer and PAY them to do this stuff.

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Glad so many people have found this thread. 7k views in just 5 months.
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