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Hello everyone this is my first post on this forum and will not be the last. I skipped introductions because I want to share this with everyone.

I bought this truck when I was 16 years old and did everything to it. It is a 1986 GMC Wrangler I am the Second owner of this truck I bought off an old Italian man who was a family friend. The day I bought the truck it was appraised at $15,500 here is a picture of the truck after I lowered it it came with the grill. previous owner made it.

She is all original paint and original motor and transmission, here are pictures from the day I bought it. This paint scheme was only on 3500 of these trucks I was told by a GM worker who actually help build it.

Original 350 nothing has been done to the motor. Bought it with 143,000km

Stock interior from factory with the complete Wrangler Interior Package (Brush aluminum inserts on the doors and dash and bezel, leather strap on door, with chrome clips and handles also with the fabric)
The Racing seat were taken out original bench was put back in.

This truck has never seen winter it was stored every year since the day he bought it, he hauled wood during the summer and then stored it.

I did alot of extra work to this truck which I will put into details in my next post.

Thanks for reading!:)

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Very nice good truck to start with...

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This huge update is a two week span to current took 2 weeks to get this far.
I'll start by giving you a history lesson but from tow truck too current took 2 weeks

I bought many things for this truck I started with a full Beltec static suspension which dropped my truck 4" all the way around I did Drop Spindles, Drop Shocks, Shackles, Coil Springs. It made the truck sit proper.

Then I started with the engine bay I used about 10L of Spray nine to get all the oil spray out of the engine bay which worked great their was just alot of it.

I bought the edlebrock Chrome Engine Dress up kit. Came with the Valve Covers, Breather and Oil Filter, also got the Chrome Oil Dip Stick, I bought Blue Vacuum lines, Breaded hose kits, I painted the front of the block black and did some blue paint in the front as well. I did a full Exhaust on the truck with Headmen headers going into Flowmaster series 40 out the back sides.

I forgot about the custom made fan Shroud that I bought from a buddy.

I will post more about what I did to this truck going more into the Audio portion of the build!!

Thanks for Reading

After I completed the engine to my standards I wanted a little extra audio. But I ended up going bigger then expected :S.

It all started by putting in a new deck and new Kenwood 3" Speakers in the dash but I blew those quick.

Deck: JVC KDR900

(I never had a picture of it)

So after the deck went in I wanted to have more Boom Boom So I installed four 6" Subwoofers behind my seat along with two 8" Mids with two tweeters. (Tight Squezze)

Here are pictures of the build. Made with Russian Birch Plywood!

Also forgot about my Clarion 4 channel amp which did wonders for awhile.

Here is a picture right before I started to add more. I also Switched out the 6" woofers with four more that are alot different and more powerful.

Thats all for now next post will be about my 21" Subwoofer Build....Yes 21" 5000watts!

Some people might think this next thing I'm going to post is ethier stupid or awesome. But I wanted to be different. So I wanted to put Subwoofers in the back of the box of my truck. So we took measurements and designed a sub box to fit betweend the box wall and the wheel well. So here are the pictures of the build. As it kept changing...

(Legacy and a Quantum Audio both 4000 watts and both garbage, They both blew)

Here is a picture of the final product before the port was finished But this changed pretty quick after we put the ports in I wanted to go louder so we added 4 other batteries and another 21" Subwoofer.

I rather not post pictures of the build from going from one sub to two but here is a couple of pictures of finished product!

(This is a picture of the amp I used for my new setup AUTOTEK MX500)

Minus the two subwoofers on top this is what I was going to add to my setup in the back of the box before something happened that would change it all.... :`(

My next post will explain everything that happened and the reason I stopped this build for a year and a half.

Summer of 2011 I was in a car accident on the HWY 401 in Toronto, Canada the car infront of me was cut off, he slammed on his brakes I slammed on mine. I started to vear and spin through all 4 lanes of the 401 going 120kmh and was hit on the back passenger side of my box the Jeep Liberty was instantly written off and he managed to bend and twist my frame and snapped my transmission bracket and the box was destroyed the floor buckled in the middle here is some pictures of the aftermath (After I took it out of storage a year and a half later.

I would of kept it on hold until I got the oppratunity to rent a 2 car garage space for very cheap. So I got the truck flat bedded to the trucks new home.

So here is where the truck sits!

Due to my excitement I quickly went for a timmies run and got to work.

Due to the box buckling in the middle I had to grind the bolts out from underneath and on top. I grabbed the one good trail light and tunnel cover rails and then scrapped the box. Which is sad because it was original paint.

So this is where she stands I have a link to a new rolling chassis will post later

More feedback the better!

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