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I have a humm similar to the fuel pump coming from my dashboard area.
It's not a typical RFI hum as it's pitch doesn't increase with RPM. It's present with the radio off or on. Heater/AC is off.

I don't recall hearing this until a couple months ago. I noticed it. Then my alternator went out. I replaced the alternator and all is fine, but now I'm noticing that hum.

Also, recently, my volt guage has begun to jump around when I put my signals on.
I know the volt guage is somewhat accurate as it correctly indicated my alternator was dying.

I'm wondering if this hum is from the instrument cluster now that a bunch of my 4 little guages are beginning to act stupid. The fuel gauge has fluttered for a year now, my oil pressure guage is "loose". The volt guage is now jumping and the temp guage goes up to "normal" and sits there.

I replaced the alternator with a duralast gold unit. I was in the middle of nowhere florida and limped into a AZ parking lot and replaced it.

Just curious what the cause/source of this hum might be or if someones came across this already.
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