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Moved back into my moms recently (I'm only 19, its acceptable.). Got unpacked and settled into the house I grew up in. The smells and the sounds that once caused nostalgia have become nothing but a regular occurrence. All was well.
That was until I noticed a dark patch in my parking stall. What could it be? Where could it be coming from? My heart was torn a sunder and my greatest fears now a reality. No not really, its just an oil spill. But none the less like any good detective, I started my investigation. Following the drips up both side of my engine. The right trail ended (or started, depending on how you look at it.) at the U-joint where the front axle and front differential meet. From their, the starter, up the block and all the way to the top. The left, oil filter and alike, up the engine. Leading to none other, then the valve covers. On both covers the source was at the rear of the covers in the bottom corners. Im the worlds greatest detective.
Needless to say I completed the replacement of the gasket. Only the left one, the sun has gone down and I do not own a garage. However, and heres the twist. I noticed the rockers in the left cover had a small amount of play. Not up and down, but left and right.
And that brings us here. My question; Is this proper? I took note that about half of them had this play (The 2nd from the right, and the 5th and 6th from the right in linked picture.). The others, tight. I gather from this that their should be no play at all. However, It never hurts to ask.

As always, all info, thoughts and comments are appreciated. Have a pleasant weekend everybody.

(Link is too photobucket URL. New to this so let me know if it does not work.)
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