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Rockhead- January 2008 ROTM

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Congrats to our new ROTM, (I love people that make racers out of pick up trucks) :great:
What a sweet 2006 Chevy Silverado SS!

WTG Rock nice truck....
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Congrats, nice looking truck :great:
Congrats! I just posted the picture on the myspace
Nice truck. Congrats man! I love the grille...
Way ta go Rock. That's one bad a$$ truck. :great:
Rock must be out fighting a fire....:neutral:

Oh well...we'll party :party: without him
Maybe we should go by the station and feed his Dalmation chocolate....:lol: J/K
:party: I did not see this coming at all . Thanks Everyone :great: There are alot of nice trucks on site , Just happy to be apart of it .

Come on over fire House Im alway there :lol: that is ummmmm my 3th home .
I order the shift kit today and Ishould be getting that install later in the month. I have a friend that is working on a deal on long tube headers and High cats , so I should them by the Spring time ........ :glasses:

Thanks Mark
Awesome truck, I wish I had one! ;-)
What can i say? If its a Chevy or GMC it can`t help but look good. Congrats on ROTM. Nice ride.:great:
Way to go! You deserve that title.:great:
congrats! :) Glad to see some great pics on the forums
That grill is tight! Congrats man, I like the sporty looks of racing trucks.
Sweet truck, man....
Congrats and nice truck
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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