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rough country 4.75 lift.

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the rough country 4.75 inch lift kit says backspacing 5.5 - 6 inches. will the stock rims fit on the truck with that lift kit installed?
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Yeah man the factory rim's will be no prob at all to run with the lift. I have the Rough Country 7.5 inch lift and i woulda ran the stock rim's but decided not too. As long as the rim's are 18's will be no prob with they lift the rim's need to be 18's or above it said.
Hey man you can if you get a 0.25 inch wheel spacer to retain to using your factory wheels. look under 4.75 inch lift on your year moldes 07-11 and at the very bottom of the page your lift is on it says about the wheel spacers.
False man. I got my lift put on it consists of 7.5 inches in the front and 6.5 inches in the rear and i took my truck to get new rim's put on as well get a blance and alignment since i had the lift put on and i had all it done in the same day with no problem bud.

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I would buy the wheel spacers from offline on but idk how many they consist of for that price i'm thinking a pair..
I haven't had any problems with alignment or anything outta the kit. Yall must be referring to the old kit they made from what i heard yeah it sucked but they have made them better may not be the best angles with the 7.5 inch lift i have but have had no problems other than the shocks suck. The kit itself is made well and really easy to put on. I will upgrade to fox shocks sometime and have them all the way around my truck and then there will be no complaints. The shocks will change the ride completly and ride like a cadillac just will be over a grand for them. Idk allot about the 4.5 inch kit but i myself wouldn't buy it just because it has a bodylift with it i would buy the 5 inch lift for right around 1,100 for the kit.
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