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When you cleaned your TB, did you do a full TB rebuild kit on it??
Did you also check your Fuel Pressure Regulator??

If it is dripping down fuel from the injectors....
Sounds like it could be your Fuel Pressure Regulator...
Your Injectors and rings are put properly back in place??
And your Fuel Metering body is firmly secured to the TB??

Those are things I would check initially.

But if you have not done a full Rebuild of the TB, you might as well get the kit and some TB spray and do it.

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I will also say that with my truck...
There are times when this thing will have a "rev'd" up idle....if I had a Tach on the thing I would bet the RPMs are between 1800 and 2500 at idle....

Then there are other times when he calms down and the idle sounds right and smooth....

I still have not figured out what the deal is with that....I guess I will at some point.

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Could also be that your injector(s) are shot and need to be replaced.
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