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...up against the ropes for the last 30 seconds of the round! This was actually a two day combined round. It started with taking the DA to the roof and sanding out all of the JB Weld I put in during round 2. I decided to go with duraglass instead. We got all the factory roof rack holes filled in as well as some minor rust repair. I still need to do some final filling on the drip rail holes (I removed them). I have not decided if I am going to go with a roof rack or not. If I do I may just weld one in place or make new mounting points... We also filled in the holes where the trim was on the tailgate. I also removed the 22 year old pin stripe that was more like cement than plastic, lol. That took most of the day.

The next day (today), we cut out the quarter panels as I bought four new ones from LMC. Some idiot filled in between the inner panels and outer with foam prior to his bondo repair job. He even had the drain holes filled in so any water was sure to sit inside and accelerate the cancer.

Rather than replace the panels with metal, I decided to save time and money by simply using fiber glass mesh and fiber glass. Next I sprayed 3M rubberized undercoating. I am very happy with this. I am eventually going to get the entire underbody professionally undercoated (I would like to hear some opinions on that???? If not, I could always paint the outer floor flat black....) I also need some opinions on shocks. I want to replace the rusted Rough country shocks on it now. I dropped one and it measured 30" fully extended. I would rather buy a shock that is not white. Black or Gray would be ideal. Does anyone know of any companies that sell black or gray shocks??? I think Fox has gray ones....I also sanded all the factory glue from the side trim (that was a pain in the arse!)

Tomorrow I have to work long hours at the shop, but my buddy promised that he will come by in the morning and weld the quarters in place. Here are a few pictures.

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