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RPO Codes: One oddball in my list

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This question may be posted somewhere around, but I didn't see it in my searches:
A few days ago I was watching a video linked from here regarding the G80 RPO Code indicating the Eaton Locking Rear Differential. I got curious and started looking up all my RPO Codes for fun. I've got a 2007 Silverado 1500. All my RPO codes seemed right / fine with the exception of "1LT". I have no idea what this one is, and I've only seen it noted on Malibu codes as the LT-I trim package. I've checked the sticker, it's not a wrong note on my end that I can see. I still have the original window sticker, and it's an LT-II Package on there.

Anyone have any ideas on the "1LT" RPO Code? If not, it's no big deal, I was just wanting a complete list for fun.

I'm using these two sites for my lookups:

Thanks all!
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Yes, the 1LT RPO Code is directly from the glove box sticker
I'd say it confirms our suspicions that LT-II is an LT1 with extras. I was on Rock Auto last week ordering replacement ball joints and control arms, and I'm thinking an LT is an LT is an LT; as opposed to an LTZ or a WT etc. Every site I went to looking for good prices on the ball joints, the truck look up was always an LT.
I probably only noticed this because it was in my mind while looking up parts. Who knows how many times I've looked stuff up on it before.
Update and putting Thread to rest:
I was filing my paperwork for the alignment I just had done... and found the answer to my question. The window sticker from the truck states an LT-II trim package, the RPO code list from the dealer states the LT1 is a LT1 equipment package. That would fully confirm our thoughts that LT2 is an LT1 plus.
Thanks guys
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