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RPO Codes: One oddball in my list

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This question may be posted somewhere around, but I didn't see it in my searches:
A few days ago I was watching a video linked from here regarding the G80 RPO Code indicating the Eaton Locking Rear Differential. I got curious and started looking up all my RPO Codes for fun. I've got a 2007 Silverado 1500. All my RPO codes seemed right / fine with the exception of "1LT". I have no idea what this one is, and I've only seen it noted on Malibu codes as the LT-I trim package. I've checked the sticker, it's not a wrong note on my end that I can see. I still have the original window sticker, and it's an LT-II Package on there.

Anyone have any ideas on the "1LT" RPO Code? If not, it's no big deal, I was just wanting a complete list for fun.

I'm using these two sites for my lookups:

Thanks all!
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The 1LT code makes sense to me, the LT-II does not. All RPO codes are only 3 char/dig long and do not have any -

I suspect the LT-II is a marketing/salesman code and not a build code. You need to figure out what comes in the LT-! package and then what is added by the LT-II package. Then you can probably answer your question.
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