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Believe all the poor reviews for Rush Truck Center Medium Duty in Fontana, CA, as they don't stand behind their work! I checked the reviews before going there and cringed, but had no option as they were the only Isuzu dealer in the area. Not only is their automated phone service horrible, good luck getting promised followup calls from some of the service staff. They removed my EGR cooler to install the replacement gasket to the exhaust manifold. That gasket blew after only 192 miles. On our return to Canada I took the truck into my dealer and was told the rear mounting bolts were missing on the EGR cooler and there was now a crack above where the cooler mounts to the exhaust manifold. I phoned Derek at Rush and told him what my dealer said and emailed him the photos from my dealer. Derek spoke to my dealer and was sent additional photos. I emailed Derek a copy of my $1427.00 bill for reimbursement and was ignored, so I phoned and left a message and was again ignored. A day later I finally got through and he said they installed and torqued the EGR cooler rear mounting bolts properly and have no idea how they fell out. Using his analogy that's like taking your vehicle in for new tires, and after leaving a wheel fall off. We torqued the lug nuts and have no idea why your wheel fell off! We all make mistakes but I guess Rush Truck are so used to poor reviews they really don't care about improving their company image. What's wrong with management? If I saw that many poor reviews heads woul
d roll!
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