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Rust free 1973-1991 Suburban parts and body

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Location: Holly, MI (NW suburb of Detroit)

Parts available:
-1988 rust free body shell choo choo customs fully loaded blue interior-front clip and doors
-rust free passenger doors from a 1988 or 89 with full power
-good hood off a 1976
-complete 1985 1/2 ton 2wd with blown motor
-1978 3/4 ton frame with new steering components (1988 shell currently sitting on it)
-extra clear glass
-rare 100mph 1976 speedometer and etc.
-rare factory clock
-spare 1/2 ton springs and drive components
-might consider parting with a 1979 Chevy 1 ton dump truck. 40,000+ miles since new and has been in our family since new. Newer hood, brakes, and tires. Has some rust and frame rot and thats about it.
-lots of other misc. parts

I can deliver any of these parts or vehicles anywhere within a reasonable distance for a reasonable price. The reasonableness of the price depends on how reasonable the distance is.

Make me an offer that sounds good to me and its yours. I don't mind letting this stuff go cheap, but don't ask me to give it away.

Contact information:
Justin Simmer
248 766-1211
[email protected]
I work 2 jobs so please bear with me if it takes a few hours to get back to you some times. Thanks for reading.


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That 88 looks pretty straight for the most part, except the hood and grill.
Do you have any tailgate support cables for sale?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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