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S10 electric engine option

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Electric cars sputtering out in California

General Motors Corp. had its EV1 compact car and an electric version of its Chevy S10 truck.

>> Anyone ever hear of these before?
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Never heard of them. I'll stick with octane and compression.
I agree with you. Just was unaware that they made such an engine option for the s-10.
Yeah me neither. Of course since the S-10 is no longer in production, does that option go to the Colorado?
That's a good question. I'll snoop around and see what I can find out.
I believe if memory serves me right, the Electric S10 lasted from 1997 to 1998. These were only sold to Utility companies and the like, to be used in and around cities. They were outfitted with a small gas engine to heat water for heater and defrost. The biggest problem was they were constantly being updated as the technology was changing rapidly. A race truck version set a Pikes Peak speed record, at the time, fastest to the top in that class.
No Colorado or Canyons electrics were built by the factory.

Pass the baton

Well we old dinosaurs of the carbon based fuel age will have to pass the baton to the next gen'ers who will be cruising Sunset in electric cars. Electric motors are more efficient than the internal combustion engine. The current electric drag racing record is 8.801s for a quarter mile. Stuff an electric motor that is equivalent HP to a top fuel engine and 5 second ET's will be easy.

I admit there is something mystical about the thumping sound of a big block Chevy, but that era is closing. See a drag race of an electric car vs Ferrari on YouTube.
I admit there is something mystical about the thumping sound of a big block Chevy, but that era is closing..

NOOOOO say it ain't so. I'll go kickin' and screaming
I could beat him with my HHR......:no:...

.... just give me his electric plant...:no:

Now to squeeze the reel for the cord in the back..:rofl::rofl:
i have a 1997 model ev1 s10 with 13 k miles ,,, complete with charging station,,, very rare i think,it has a diesel heat pump for heating and cooling the batteries ,,,if any one knows of others,,,let me know,,,thanks
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