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Satellite Radio: XM or Sirius?

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I have Sirius in my "99 Z71. All of the new full size chevy's come with XM. Does anyone like XM? I love Howard and the other programming available on Sirius. Let me know...
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I have heard that there is a Sirius "brain" that you can buy for around $100 and plug it into the XM 'brain" and recieve the Sirius service through the factory head unit. Are they available? How much and where?
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I have a lot of the Sirius chanels through my DISH, but I don't have it in any vehicle.
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I have XM in mine and the wife has Sirius in her vehicle, it's a coin toss IMHO
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XM rules

I have XM in my work truck and Sirius in my burb. I prefer XM cuz XM has.... DAVE RAMSEY
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I just got Siruis installed the other day. I think I'm in love with it. Anywho, the few friends I have with XM, are all changing over. They say the quality of the programming is better on sirius.
Sirius or XM

Depending on the content you want to hear (I got Sirius, Love Howard and Bubba) should decide the choice. I just use the built in FM Modulator and factory head unit.
Sirius or XM

I too have Sirrius (portible unit is great) love Bubba the love sponge,Howard and Nascar stuff. Worth the money
It may not really matter....

I've heard that XM and Sirius are talking buyout or merger.

So there's likely to only be one choice soon anyway. Unless the resulting company is considered a monopoly and is blocked by the SEC or FCC, we may end up with XSiriusM as the only choice.

Otherwise, I'll stick to my CD's and MP3's. They play what I really want to hear for free*. ;')

* - well, pay once anyway.
I just spent a week in a SIlverado with a full Bose navigation stereo with XM, and I'm hooked!
I have XM in my Silverado and listen to it more than CD's and FM. My favorite station has to be Boneyard where I get to hear Older metal from Winger, Warrant, Dokken, Cinderella, Megadeath, Black Sabath, Scorpions, etc. etc.
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Older metal from Winger, Warrant, Dokken, Cinderella, Megadeath, Black Sabath, Scorpions, etc. etc.
Oh no. Not you to Darcy. High school is over for us get over it. :lol:J/K
I'm still giggling. (Metalica, White snake, Motley Crue, Oh and who could forget Twisted sister...We're not gonna take it, No we're not gonna take it..Sing it...Anymooooorrrrreeee. I'm growing my hair back damn it.
XM vs. Sirius

I guess in a modest amount of time it won't matter.

They are merging (whatever that means wrt PROGRAMMING is up in the air).

Being familiar with BOTH, I will say that it APPEARS that the music channels on XM are taking a distinct SIRIUS flavor all of a sudden. The Boneyard on XM seems to have more moderated discussions and the scale has tipped more toward 80s Hair Bands than other "metal".... kinda like SIRIUS Hair Nation.

Decades channels are also increasing moderation. SOmething I, personally, liked more on Sirius, as compared with XM.

Between the two, I would have to say.... "COIN TOSS".

I would guess that upon merging, and even right now, the programming folks are looking at the "best of both" and what folks like about one, vs. the other, and will be getting rid of overlapping programming/channels.

I also received a letter from XM that seemed to say that the programming will move toward the "cable TV model", where you can choose packages and pay according to what you want, specifically....(?)

In any case, I have XM in my Sierra, and like it very much. There are a few things about Sirius that I liked better, but, overall, IMHO, it's a wash....

Just my $0.05
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Only one answer..which has Howard???
I have XM in my work truck and Sirius in my burb. I prefer XM cuz XM has.... DAVE RAMSEY
I just read your post on this from last December. I'm big into Dave Ramsey too. We're so into debt that it's crazy, hopefully with my new job starting next week I'll be able to tackle the debt monster!
I've been getting to drive a few of the '07 models lately and I am hooked on XM, it's not the same driving a vehicle w/o XM. If you don't have XM, go into Walmart or any store that sells the service and just play with the sample service they have in the store. Then imaging having that while driving in town, out of town or across country. It's great.

Plus, there is so much national stuff on there, it's like you never miss anything and you're always part of the club. I plan to get it installed in my Trailblazer and my little Cavalier too.
Hooked on XM

When Satellite radio came out I said: "What idiot would pay to listen to radio!" Apparently the answer is.....ME! I lost the album collection in the divorce, and I never went the ipod route, so I listened to am/fm radio. Then I heard XM. I do listen to the local talk radio, but otherwise my dial is set to the XM band.
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