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scan tool ELM327

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Good evening,
I have an 2012 chevy express cargo van 4.8L and I noticed many are using the ELM327 scan tool. I prefer using windows instead of android phone but if need be I’ll go to the android version. I like the ELM platform as I have used it on my 97 Lincoln towncar with forscan. I know forscan will not work for my chevy van. Question is, which ELM327 for USB adapter is best in your opinion? Also, what software will work best for windows USB option. I have noticed many folks are using the torque pro software. I failed emissions and desperately need a decent scan tool.
I like using a windows based laptop usb adapter with hopefully free software which is what the ELM327 provides. The problem is many are clones and the chips are not authentic causing error in the diagnostics .I did see one called the totalcardiagnosticsELM327 which they use their own software and claim their chips are authentic and not clones. Anyone have this one? If anyone can advise on this if they have something similar they had luck with please help.
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windows sucks the big one! the lates update has screwed my computer so that it will no longer go to sleep on it's own. I have to force it to sleep. I've been through the troubleshooting steps to show what's keeping it awake and have disabled them. its windows! overrides the screensaver/sleep functions and never goes to sleep! I've fixed this bullshit 3 friggen times! I've turned off windows update and I guess I should try rolling back to the last update that worked. I friggin hate window! screw you bill gates!

heres what I use.... man keep windows away from your truck! it was less than $20 and appears legit. always works flawlessly.


Box Fluid Font Electronic device Camera accessory
Font Gas Handwriting Electronics accessory Ac adapter
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