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Seating a P26570R16 2003 Chevy Suburban4 x4

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I do not recommend anyone to do this. I am only sharing my experience.

I had a hole in the sidewall so removed the old tire, replaced it with a new tire and tried everything(soap, silicone, heavy duty strap, rubber hammer and others and I can't remember to seat it. I am a home owner and not a mechanic but work on cars.

I then went outside sat the new tire and rim on the old tire, added starter fluid in spots around the rim, but not too much and it seated. Better to put too little than too much until you can gauge how much starter fluid will push the bead in place. You do not want a fireball. I did have to try three times since the bead was not seated but sealed enough so starter fluid could not get in the rim. Just had to pull out the rim a little. Just remember this fireball that occurs in your tire goes out once seated due to lack of oxygen but the tire will unseat unless you immediately fill it up with air. Hot flame/air expands, seats tire, then the hot air cools reducing the expansion and acts like a vacumn. Hence counteract with air. A compressor.
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I have had to do that with tractor tires. It can be very scarey
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