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looking if it's possible to get my passangers seat to lay back all the way flat. Right now it stops 1/3 the way. No way near like my trail blazer seats do.
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Not sure, what year and trim level do you have?
Oh, a brand new truck. Nice selection. I'm not certain what options are available for that truck and if they go flat or not. Let me look into it. Is there anything in the user's manual?
nothing in manual but pull lever to lean back. I doesn't say how far. Theres got to be a catch or stop somewhere that prevents them from leaning all the way back.
Yeah, but sometimes there are ways to get them to go flat, I just don't have enough experience with the 2006 to know. Some of the seats in the 80's would have two different levels to pull the level up. Pull it up 3/4 of the way and you can go back 3/4 of the way, pull it up all the way and you get to go back flat.

However, don't force it. Why do you want to go flat anyhow? :) Plan on sleeping in the truck?
passanger (wife) likes to sleep instead of driving
My wife likes to do the same thing. She's most comfortable when we go on trips, etc when we are in the Trailblazer becuase she can go back quite a bit and do it comfortably.
I'm interested in finding out how to make my seats go back all the way as well. I believe the "only 1/3 down" trait is common in 99-06 trucks both manual & power. My z24's seats would go all the way flat; it's nice on a trip so the passenger can rest.
I'm not certain about the mechanical/engineering behind the new seats. A seat reclining mechanism isn't all that complex however. Maybe there is a catch or something that is holding it up?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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