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Second Wave Of Tornados Devastates U.S. Midwest

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Just one day after a deadly tornado killed nine people in Greensburg, Kansas, a fresh wave of storms tore across the U.S. midwest again Saturday night causing extensive damage.
This time mother nature roared into Sweetwater, Oklahoma. A twister travelling at a speed of up to 220 km an hour, ripped through the town wiping out churches, homes and a high school gym. The forceful storm was just one of the 75 tornado touchdowns reported by the U.S. Weather Service on Saturday. About forty of them happened between 6pm and 9pm.
This was the same storm that tore apart the small farming town in neighbouring Kansas where hundreds of people have nowhere else to stay but a temporary shelter home. In fact, Greensburg has been declared a disaster zone and the state governor is going to tour the area Sunday.

Hope all our folks in the mid-west are ok!
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Tornados suck. A hurricane gives you 4 days notice. An earthquake gives you no notice but doesn't last all that long. Tornados come in thunderstorms or hot/cold mixtures of fronts and maybe give you an hours notice, sometimes just a few minutes and the bad storms can last for like 2 hours where you're not certain what's going on. Sometimes it's storm system after storm system after storm system.
all ok up my way, just got bombed with rain,some places close to me got over 8 inches. I have water standing in my side,and back yard, river southeast of here cresting weds. 25 miles east of me, a train was crossing a bridge, when it collapsed. here's pics to look at: first one is my yard,second pic is the creek running thru west edge of town,last one is train 25 miles east of me( pic from internet)
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