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Security system in 88 suburban [Expired Topic]

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Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum but glad I found it. I have an 88 suburban 5.7 and I am having major problems with the factory security system. I had it disabled (or so I thought) and haven't had any problems out of it in 3 months. I switched stereo's today and now the suburban wont start. It's acting like the security system is engaged. When I turn the key all I hear is the box for the security system click. The starter doesn't try to engage or anything. Does anyone know how to completely do away with the factory security system so my truck will start again?
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A little more details on it. The truck started fine yesterday, then I switched stereos, now it won't turn over at all. The box where all the wires hook into for the factory security/anti-theft system, clicks when I try to turn it over. It's like the starter isn't even connected. Is there a way to bypass this totally or at least bypass where it stops the starter from engaging? Please help!
I'm doing this from memory, so it may not be totally correct. I think you are probably looking for the starter interupt circuit of the security system. If I remeber right, there is a thick yellow (I think) wire along the steering column below the dash that goes from the ignition switch on the steering column below the dash to the start to the starter circuit. The security system will interupt this wire somewhere. You should be able to find both ends of the start wire and disconnect them from the security system and reconnect them to each other to bypass this feature. Like I said, this is from memory and may not be correct for your truck. Make sure you know what you are cutting before you disconnect anything.
I'm not up to speed on these security systems. What happens if/when you put the old stereo back in? I can't imagine that the missing stereo would cause that to happen.

I can understand that the stereo needs the original vehicle for the stereo to work, but not the vehicle needing the original stereo for the vehicle to work!
I don't really think it has to do with the stereo being removed, it didn't have the factory stereo in it. It had an aftermarket CD player but the display went blank so I changed it to a new one. I think doing that triggered the theft deterrant to engage. It's a crappy system to begin with. The reason I disconnected it (or so I thought) was because when I'd park the truck, turn it off and get out, I'd walk 10 feet from the truck and the alarm would go off, so I'd have to run back, get back in, push the button to turn it off, and do that several times before it would finally stay off. Even with the sensitivity turned all the way down.

Thank you Gary, I will look into that but I will be sure what I'm cutting before any wires are cut!
I took your suggestion. It was a purple wire that ran from the starter to a yellow wire in the security system box, and a yellow wire out of the box into another purple wire into the steering column. I disconnected the two yellows, and connected the 2 purples and the truck started without a problem. Thanks so much Gary. My hubby walked out and said omg you fixed it LOL. I said yeah... with a some help ;)
Very cool, glad you got it fixed!
Like I said, it was from memory, but I'm glad I was at least close enough to help you out. Congrats on getting it fixed.
:) thanks again! I would of hated to see what a shop would of charged to do something as simple as that!
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