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service 4wd indicator

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i have a 2006 vortec max 1500 4 X 4. while im driving the service 4wd will display. will not go into 4wd, but if i stop and turn off truck. start truck back up, then it will go into any 4wd mode. but again after driving a while will all repeat again. if i could please get some help. wondering if it might be a bad relay or somethin. thanks..
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SOP when the service 4wd light comes on is to hook it up to a diagnostic computer and see what fault the 4wd computer is seeing and diagnose from there. Without that step, we'd just be guessing what it might be.

I don't know if the '06 still had the same problem, but it seems that my vintage had issues with the switch, and a lot of people "guess" that the switch is bad and replace it and go on.
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