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Setting the Timing

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ok, I set the timing on my 91 k1500. I set it on the 8 marking, when I started the mark on the flywheel was two inches above the 0 mark or basically it was way off. Before I changed it the motor would knock on up hills and when I would really lay into the gas. OF course now that I have the timing closer to where it should be the engine will barely get up the hill, I have to mash the gas in order for it to move. I have new plugs in it. I am hoping that someone might give me an idea on what the problem might be. Also before and still after I set the timing you can smell gas from the talipipe. Is that from the TBI Carb? How can that be changed? All I find is the curb idle set screw.

Please Help
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You must disconnect the ecm wire for the timing it's on the firewall passenger site a white connector start the engine set the timing on 0 degrees turn of the engine en reconnect the wire start the engine and you are done :great:
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