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Several questions looking for help

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2000 Chevy K2500 4x4 454 A/T

1) What is the proper way to check the trans fluid? I always seem to get a different result. I usually check it with engine warm, running, and in nuetral after running through each gear.

2) My oil pressure is 50 psi when I start it, but after it warms up it will drop to 15 psi at idle. Is this ok? Some say yes others say no. I change oil every 3k miles and use 5w-30. Dont see any leaks.

3) I need rear shocks, one is leaking. I dont regularly haul heavy items, but when I do the rear sags. I also tow an old 21' camper. I thought the shocks just stabilized the rear axle and the springs did the support, but I am hearing differently. So should I get heavy duty shocks? I like the way the truck handles when empty and dont want a stiff ride.
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Checking trans fluid: Answer should be on the dipstick. My wifes tahoe is to be checked when warm and in neutral

Rear Shocks: Go with air shocks. when towing a load you can increase the air pressure and decrease it for regular driving
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