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Shackel ?

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I have a question regarding the installation of some lowering shackel on my truck. The question is how did you get the bolt removed from the top of the shackel. On my truck (08 GMC Sierra)the bed has a seam that runs right above the shackle on each side, when I try to lift the rear of the spring up to remove the bolt, it hits the bottom of the bed, and I can not get the bolt out, ( like about 1/4 inch or so). I have installed shackels before and always had of room, to get the bolts out. Thanks in advance.
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I've read where guys have bent the seam out of the way and also read where they have loosened the bed bolts and jacked up the bed. When I did mine I took my bed off completely. But you need extra hands for that! I would loosen the bed bolts and jack up the bed. From what I understand you don't need to raise it much to gain the clearance you need.
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