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Hi Everyone
I am selling a Portable Car Garage, by ShelterLogic. It is the "Clearview Garage", 11x16x8. It is only one year old, I bought it from Canadian Tire last year to store my summer car, and now dont need it anymore. It is clean, sturdy, in very good condition, and I have all the parts, instructions and I purchased extra parts to keep it secure to the ground, which I am giving with the garage. I bought it for $280.00 and I am willing to sell it for $200.00. I live in the Toronto area, but can deliver it to someone if they need me to.
Please email me at [email protected] or reply to the thread on the forum. I need to sell it asap, as it is still in my truck from disassembling it on the weekend, and I need the money for a fuel pump for my car.


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