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I'm new here-about 4 days new-so hi to everyone.
Friday-6 days ago-I bought a 2wd 1998 Suburban with 195,600 miles on it.I'm very happy with it; I've never owned a GM truck(Toyota(1975,86,94,98,2001),Dodge(1980 D-100 LONG BED),Nissan(2004 Titan), but I like this vehicle!! It is just what we need to evac, if it comes to it this hurricane season(cheap $2950,and huge).It can carry 3 adults,2 long legged greyhounds,4 cats,couple of MTBs,maybe a motorcycle,and lots of stuff.
It has the ride of a big luxury car-nothing like my pickups. The old Toyotas rode like buckboards,and would lossen your fillings.The newer ones were better, but nothing like this.
This Suburban is in good shape for the age and miles-PO had the trans rebuilt 1 year ago-the AC and intake manifold gasket 2 years ago.The motor still seens lively enough-though I don't ever plan to get on it hard.
It does need shocks.It bobs about 5-6 times when you push down on any corner.
What shocks work well on 2wd Suburbans.I'll probably do the install myself.Ebay has some Gabriels,and maybe Monroes for about $40 a pair delivered.Bilsteins are $229 for 4 on ebay. Locally the cheapest I can get-them is about $180(with tax) for the cheapest ones.I can get some at Sears-installed-for $230-Monroe sensatracs??
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