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The big problem with all these parts chains, and the parts field in general, is they pay you CRAP! I worked too many years in that field for such pathetic paychecks it makes me sick now looking back on it. I have worked just about all angles of it as well. Aftermarket parts, performance parts, dealership parts, auto body parts & supplies, and so on. At most of those places I ran the paint department and even did some of the minor machine shop duties. Never once got paid extra for all the exttra knowledge and work.

Not once, regardless of where I worked, did I receive a decent & fair wage based on my abilities. I finally got out of the business because the pay was so poor. Not to toot my own horn( oh okay toot toot :cool: )but I was damn good at it too. I think I was made for that job but again the pay stinks.

These stores just will not pay someone with any experience and knowledge what they are worth so because of it you get airheads and surfer dudes that have to go to a full serve gas station because they can't even fill their own tank. When I go to an Auto Zone or PepBoys, heck even most of the local Napa's, I usually end up looking my own stuff up. Things go down hill real fast if their computers crash and they actually have to get a parts book out to find the info and a price sheet to know what to charge you. I actually had a local Advanced AP tell me I would have to come back to buy the starter I wanted because the computer was down and they didn't know how to price it. Even the manager didn't know.

Time and again I have been asked about going to work for these local stores and it always ends when I tell them what I expect for pay and they tell me what they can offer. About $10 apart.
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