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Side Mirrors on Ebay

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Ok, I know most of you have seen the Mirrors on Ebay, like this

Well, on my Silverado, the Passenger mirror was cracked when I got it, and after seein the price for the replacement glass, I decided to try these out, especially since mine are manual, and these are power. Plus they have the LEDs.. So, I got em in the mail, they came rather quickly.. although, I was unable to find a control switch locally that I could use, that I trusted. So I have now ordered a switch from Ebay too, that will have harness and schematic. Now, since I got em, I went ahead and mounted them, and wired them into the turn signals and driving lights. I also finished wiring in the switch for the blue led's under the dash... Here is a video of the way they look and work at night.. Also shows the leds inside, because my buddy was interested in seeing how that looked.. Now, of course they are smaller than the original. But I can still see well, but I am also adding these blind spot mirrors,

though in that listing, the picture shows them mounted on top, it would look better, and work better mounted under the mirror, which is what I will be doing. I will get some pics of it and add them as soon as I get them. So far I like it, They dont vibrate as much as the original mirrors did, so that in and of itself is an improvement. They look sweet. irectlink

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Thanks guys, I did check with local PD, blue lights are fine, they just cant strobe, and cant be too bright.. As for the blind spots, I am waiting
To see how they look for sure, but based on the specs, they should fit the contours, and if they look too weird, they are a clamp on unit, so I can use them only when towing.. I wil get some pics up hopefully tonight. Cant do it easily from my phone or wouldhave them already up.

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It takes allot more than that to offend me.. I'm pretty tough, I think I'll be alright.. sniff.. I wont cry.. sniff... lol.. seriously though, I take no offense.. I know what you meant.. I Can't stand when I see the little civics and other mini ricers, with the big fat chrome tailpipe, sounding like a fart machine on runaway.. Generally they have ****ty paint, and too many crappy stickers tryin to make it seem like vinyl graphics, and not succeeding, They also tend to have their hat on backwards, and either the hatchetman sticker in the window, or some car audio sticker, yet their sound system is either stock, or blown to hell.

Anyway, yeah, I wouldn't do this to a truck I drive regularly for work, but this is a toy, a pleasure mobile at this point. Something to haul with when I need to, and otherwise, to dress up with whatever neat thing I decide I want to try out. I may not keep em, I might go to a more stock power mirror, later. But for $50 for the pair, I couldn't go wrong...

I also had a 3 piece hardshell bed cover from my old ford truck, It wasnt made for the ford, it was made for a chevy, and I had made modified rails to fit it to the truck, anyway, it was too long for my bed, so I cut one panel down, and made it a fixed piece, near the cab, and now have a hardshell bed cover.. you can sorta see it in the pics here. I will get some better pics of all of it later on.. Right now, I am workin with my phone, and a netbook.. Once I actually get my computer working again, or at least get my camera back from my buddy, I will get some bigger pics.. In the mean time.. I will continue searching for some weird stuff to do to my truck.. I plan on getting one of those tailgate light bars on the back.. I bought one and put it on my dad's S10, he loves it.. and it looks nice... anyway, my battery is almost dead.. better end this now... later..
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