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Side Step Question

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OK so I put on some new steps on my 2011 Silverado crew cab 4X4 Z71 and they creaked, I couldn't stand it so I took them off and put them on my sons 2005 Silverado crew cab 4X4 Z71 and no creaking and he loves them so i am happy. I currently have a level kit on my truck and like it, I was sure i didn't want a lift but now I am thinking I want one.

I know what lift I want but when lifted I will need a step for my girls. My last steps were 6' or so long and tacked in at three points to the frame. My question is do they have a single step that tacks in at one point instead of a lond bar that tacks in at three.

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The Carr steps sound like what you might be looking for.
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