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Side Steps/nerf Bars

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I'd like some info on how-to and how-easy they are to install on a silverado, thanks
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very easy... It depends on the steps but mine came with two longer body bolts and it bolted right up
Side Steps

TTHANKS PETE, guess i'll go ahead and give it a shot
they are really simple to install, what year/make/model(body style) do you have?? if you have the new body style you will get the classic nerf bars and because of the new frame style one of the front bolts will not work because of the boxed design. all i did is swap the bracket that the bolt goes thru to the opposite side and it seems to be working just fine support wise
Nerf Bar Installation

THANKS ROB for the info, i have an 08 silverado 1500 ext cab, and was thinking of putting on the smittybuilt side bars from 4WHEEL PARTS, at $179 they seem reasonable, anybody out there have any experience with them?
In Pa. they're black ones rotted off my buddies truuc in less than 3 years
I put a set of Smittybuilt bars on my Toyota back in 1995 and they still looked great with no rust when I sold the truck a few months ago. A little armorall and they still honestly looked brand new.

Great product and stopped door dings, and also gave me a step to get out of the truck on whenever I got it stuck in the mid.
I've installed several nerf bar / assist steps on my current and previous trucks/SUVs. I've never run across a set that required any unusual installation requirements. All the ones I've installed included an installation kit that used existing chassis mount locations.

Like anything else, you get what you pay for! My recomendations:

* Stay name brand!
* Stay Stainless! High quality chrome is OK, but you have still watch for rusting. Paint over steel usually doesn't lst very long before rusting out!
* Ask questions about mounting hardware. This is one area that the cheaper companies scrimp on.

Good luck!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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