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Silverado and Sierra Exterior

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steve this is for you didn't you say you were from texas? i am looking for a window decal of the texas longhorn head but i want one that will fit my whole back window with longhorns written below it as of yet web sites have been useless and local tint shops are ridiculously expensive course i think its just their LSU pride that is the conflict. While i am a LSU fan my heart belongs to the Longhorns when i was a kid my dad was stationed in ford hood so we would see everyhome game we could some of my fondest childhood memories were being scared to death when the shot that damn ole cannon thanks for the help in advance terry
go to a local sign guy he should be able to make one up for ya fairly cheap
Right now those things are hard to find and expensive if you want one with UT taking the national championship.

Yeah, it's a graphics design issue, and even Kinko's could do it for you. .... You will have to find a way to skirt the copyright laws though.
Yeah, major $$$ is being shelled out for the licensing rights on merchandise. Of course you could always give the Longhorn image some eyes...instantly legal. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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