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Here's one for you. I was in college classes for a bit for auto body repair, and meeting a few fans of other than chevy fans, they shown me the Ken Block video of him in his 800+hp awd mustang where he is ripping up the streets of LA during Gymkana VII. It occurred to me that GM has AWD tech and with the abundance of LS motors, you can easily build a high hp motor and have AWD in almost anything. I was wondering how much hp the Silverado SS AWD system can handle, can it be fit to a C6 vette frame/sub frame chopped from one, and can it be fit to an S10 body? It's a lot of questions but if somebody could pull this off it would be one hell of a ride. I was wanting a vette frame or sections of it for the suspention, especially the IRS, and ease of dropping an LS motor into the cradle with rack and pinion steering. I would be able to use the trans axle of the vette so long as the gears in both axles match so there's no issue there. It's just narrowing it to fit the S10 body that has me stumped. Unless it's not that far past the sides that a wide body kit/cladding wouldn't cover the new wheel base width. And with all the new fangled go in the truck if it was built, I'd cage it and have to modify the engine bay to fit the V8 and accessories, rack and pinion along with the front drive axle. Now being an S10, it's light weight, and I'll be dropping what I don't need to save weight, if a V8 won't fit in an S10 with the front drive axle I could build a potent V6 to push it along pretty well.

Now, this is a dream truck that would take years to build and probly never get it liscenced due to mods and insurance companies would probly curse it and refuse to cover it outside of track use.
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