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Silverado SS Intimidator( Dale Earnhardt Special Edition )

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I am posting this up just in case anyone may be interested in one of these special edition 2006 SS Silverado's. If you live in the New England area( or further if you don't mind traveling or having it transported )and are interested shoot me a PM, an e-mail( gsthundernh @ ), or reply here and I will send you the dealer info. I could probably get some photos too if you need them.

The local dealer I use has one of these special edition trucks and they have SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the price from the sticker( $42K ). This truck is just flat out loaded and pretty rare. This is a brand new truck as well btw. I told them I would see if I could find someone that might be interested on the truck sites.

I get nothing for this either btw. No $$$ or anything. I just really like this dealer and they are trying to move the truck. I think you would have a hard time finding one used for what you can get this one new.

If interested shoot me a note and I will send you the contact info to inquire about it.

The truck has special edition badging, embroidered headrests( leather seats ), a sunroof, XM radio, special for the package tailgate spoiler, and just on and on.

If you want an SS this would be the absolute top of the line you could get.

EDIT - just as a note. I looked around for more info on this SE truck on the internet and found where GM says only 1333 were made. Definitely a rare truck if that is true.
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