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Who else here drives a Silverado? I have a 1998 K1500 5.0L. Love the truck. I had a 1994 S-10 4x4 4.3L before I got the full size. Don't think I will ever go back to a small truck. I'm to big an ole boy to drive a small truck.
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That's my problem too. I Started out in a full sized pickup. My first truck was a 1962 GMC 3/4. That was a fun project truck. Turned out to be too much work when I was going to school though, so I bought some stupid car. Anyhow, I'm driving a 2002 Trailblazer now, but I'm looking to get a 10 year old Chevy to do some basic hauling and work on the weekeneds.
I love the full size, can't beat it with a stick. My first vehicle was a 1988 Ford Mustang 2.3L 4 Banger. Not my choice, the old man bought it for me for all of about 700 bucks. Then a Ranger, once again not my choice, it was a graduation present. Of course being a poor highschool/college student I wasn't gonna complain. I wrecked the Ranger - rolled six times landed upside down - not cool. I got the S-10 after I totaled the Ranger and recently traded the S-10 for the Silverado. Won't go back to a small truck or a car. Well, unless the car is a Z28 350 4bbl, 4 bolt main, posi rear, T-top..... Anyway, can't beat a truck
I've been a full-sized truck guy for as long as I was old enough to drive.
I first drove, but it was my take home work truck. Not my choice. I am 6' 4''. That situation sucked. I literally had leg or knee issues everyday after work. But to the good part. Different/better job, much better truck. I drive a 1999 silverado Z71 LS. I do as much as I can to it on a pool guys salary, while still paying the bills. It has 155,000+ miles on it and it drives and looks like its a year old. Im a bowtie guy for life!!
Started in a 98 Mustang i've stepped up to a 98 Z71 Extended cab/Short bed 5.7L a 6 in" lift, aftermarket exhaust(both were already applied to truck when i got it) and just recently installed two 10 inch kicker subs...Other things are done to the truck just don't know what lol
I haven't got a Chevy Silverado but I've heard they are very comfortable. Are you pleased with its performance?
Chevy trucks rock! No pun intended, well, maybe a little. I'm currently rolling in an 04 Silverado SS. I LOVE IT!!! It's got all the performance I need to keep a smile on my face and still hauls like a truck. I highly recomend checking out
I've been driving Chevy trucks since I could drive. Started with a 1962 GMC 3/4 ton and have a Trailblazer currently.
My current truck is my first truck. I enjoy this truck! I've owned 2 Camaro's, one was a Z, so I miss the nimble handling but the practicality and reliability of this truck is seconde to none. I had a small problem with the A/C when I first got it, but the dealership just replaced the freon hose and it's been working like a charm ever since. Believe it or not, that's the only problem I've had with it.
I started with a 1974 Nova. Went from that 350 V8 to a 3 cylinder Geo Metro. Moved up in the world and got a 4 banger Mazda. It was ok for what it was. Graduated to 2 grand ams, a 4 banger mustang convertible, than a beat up S-10, an even worse beat up Ford ranger, and now than a Camaro, traded that for a firebird convertible V6, Now I have a the firebird, a 1983 Honda Shadow Motorcycle, a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue, and now the 2002 Silverado LS. All this by the tender age of 31! I will NEVER go back to a smaller truck, or less than a 200 HP V8. Maybe I'll go for a 4x4 next time, just depends on the money. Hope to drive this truck for a very long time.
"drives a Chevy truck"

I've been driving a Chevy truck since I bought my 1st new one in 1970 from AJ Foyt Chev. in Houston, TX. I've had a few Fords, but I am now driving a 2004 Z/71 Crew Cab. It is a great truck, so far, only 63000 miles. They just get better and better! I will be pulling this one behind my motorhome! Another pretty good reason is that my "bucket seat" got bigger than a small truck's "bucket seat"!
RE: "drives a Chevy truck"

I started with a nissan 240sx to mitsubishi eclipse to toyota supra. I sold the supra to get my 07 Silverado. I love the truck so far. Not as fast as the supra but that's why i sold it and bought the silverado. It's time to slow down.
Lets see...

79 Firebird Trans Am, wrecked
91 Eagle Talon, sold
88 Bronco II, rolled
89 Bronco II, sold
03 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, sold
78 Firebird Formula, sold
04 Ranger, sold
00 Cherokee, sold
95 Wrangler, sold
07 Sierra Classic WHOO HOO!

All those is just over 10 years of driving! And those are just my daily drivers. I like my vehicles
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You are a stronger man than I am. I have never been able to sell or a Firebird yet. :lol:
My first vehicle was a '78 chevy impala, followed by: '82 plymouth horizon (2 door),'82 Subaru, and then an '85 Nissan truck. The coolest thing about that truck was the second barrel on the carb would open due to vac, so at full throttle, and 4k rpm the secondary would open, and it was like nitrous. Otherwise the nissan sucked for off road. I traded the Nissan for a '87 C10, which some kids broke into for my alpine stereo. Then proceeded to break into it just for fun afterwards. At the same time I was driving a Ford Escort as a second vehicle. Traded the C10 in, because I was tired of being targeted. Got a Dodge Caravan, rebuilt the engine only to have a poorly repaired motor mount shred my flywheel. Traded that, and my secondary car a '85 chevy nova for a '00 Ranger. Traded up from the '00 Ranger to a '01 Ranger 4x4 Off Road. Lost my job due to company merger, and business unit closure, fell way far behind on payments, and lost the '01 Ranger to repo and then got my father's Suburban when he decided he'd had enough of driving a big vehicle. So while I may not drive a Silverado, my 'burban's trim level is "Silverado" So I'd say that counts.
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have owned...
65 GMC PU V6-305E
1970 Chevelle 350 4bl
1971 Dodge Charger 318
72 GMC 3/4 ton 4X4 Camper Special 402
1980 LUV PU 4X4 Mikado
1992 Plymouth Lazer AWD
2002 Toyota Tacoma Limited 4X4 Double cab TRD

Currently own.....
1987 K5 Blazer Silverado 350 TBI
2001 Suburban 1500 (wife's ride)
2006 Silverado 2500HD LT3 4X4 Crew cab SB w/LBZ Duramax and 6-speed Allison
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I think I had a 1973 Ford mustang as my first car. :) Then I moved to a 1962 GMC 3/4 pickup and worked on it for a long time. :)
Silverado Owners

Who else here drives a Silverado? I have a 1998 K1500 5.0L. Love the truck. I had a 1994 S-10 4x4 4.3L before I got the full size. Don't think I will ever go back to a small truck. I'm to big an ole boy to drive a small truck.
I got to drive a 2007 Chevy Silverado 4WD two weeks ago. Make sure to read the review.

2007 Chevy Silverado Review
How many members on this site own a 2007 Silverado or 2008 Silverado?
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