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Slight bump when braking...

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I've looked to see if this was posted yet, but couldn't find it...sorry in advance if this is a repost!

I drive a 2010 Silverado 4.8L 4x4 Ext Cab.

My concern is a slight bumb, almost like someone is lightly rear-ending my truck, when I brake in slow stop and go traffic. It's not BAD, but just noticeable enough to bother me.

Anyone ever have this happen?
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I would have to agree with the previous post that the best place to start in this situation is with the brakes. If you are still experiencing the concern, I would then recommend you contact your local dealership for more specific information. Please feel free to keep us updated regarding the fix. Thank you in advance.

Tricia, GM Customer Service.
Thank you for the replies, it is very much appreciated!

My brakes actually feel fine. I feel not vibrating or any abnormal bumps through the brake pedal.

I've been reading of this same situation on other vehicles (all smaller cars) and they attributed that slight bump to a hard downshifting in the transmission.

I only have about 11k miles on it. It happens mainly on a gradual stop. For the longest time I just brushed it off as a few traffic cones I had in the bed of my truck rolling all the way forward, but after I took them out it is still happening. It doesn't happen every single time I stop, for example, today I didn't notice the slight bump at all.

I'm going to bring it up to my dealership next time I head in for service.

Thanks once again guys!
Thanks for getting back to us. I am glad that you are planning to work with the dealership regarding this concern. I am interested to hear how the dealership approaches this situation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tricia, GM Customer Service.
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