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Slight Vibration and bit of growl during light acceleration

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2003 Silverado 1500 Sportside 4WD Z71.

During light acceleration, or anytime that the engine would be under load. . . vehicle travelling around 40 or so MPH . . ..hear a light growling kinda sound, and feel a light vibration. I think it is probably Universal joints. . . .but hate to think so since Universal Joints and Driveshaft were replaced around 35K miles and I have about 69K on it now.
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Hey i just bought a 2006 Silverado i dont have the problem with that but i do have the problem in my 2005/6 chevy work truck....i took it in for its 5000km service and they said they couldnt get it to make that noise Obviously but i am currently trying to figure this out also maybe if you here anything let me know
Just curious if you found anything out on this issue.
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