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I work for the company the was going to build the V-6 engine for Ford, and Fords reasons for not putting it in the F150 was a few things. First the up-coming emissions, that were changing, second, cost, it cost us over $5000.00 to build that engine then, and the current version we do for ourselves cost over $6000.00, third, fuel economy/costs, it got good fuel mileage, but with the rising price of fuel, and the current V-8's beginning to get cylinder deactivation, no reason to need a V-6 diesel, and the last reason sells, Ford did not want to hurt sells of the F250, stating that a customer needing a vehicle for towing would purchase the F150 versus the F250 if they could have a more powerful Heavy Duty F150.
The test truck we had at the plant, featured a heavy duty rearend , with 8lug suspension, the weight of the V-6 was about 300 lbs heavier than the V-8 that Ford had, the torque was around 125/150 ftlbs more than the V-8 and horsepower was in the 200 range, and to be honest the truck was a hoss. We got to test the truck in all types of situations, agaist a comparable V-8 F150, and the V-6 just flat beat it.
Going back to a earlier post, we as AMERICANS, have always loved high HP, and lots of torque, that being said just look at the current crop of enines in most American performance cars and trucks. The average truck is in the 350 range, while most naturally aspirated cars are over 400. Plus we have always had better gas prices than any other country.
Would I love to have a diesel powerd 1/2 ton yes, and it would be even better if it was a International truck, (sorry GM, but I would love to see International build a 1/2 ton truck again with retro styling). And to be honset if GM does waht it says they are going to do with the Colorado/Canyon as far as diesel power, I will be going back to a midsize truck.
Will we ever see a diesel in a 1/2 ton truck, in my opinion I doubt it. Most people who buy a diesel need it for towing power, and the average people who but a 1/2 ton, buy it for looks, and light towing, and honestly the most the average person towswith a 1/2 ton they can use the current V-8 that are availble.
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