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Last night I noticed my volt readings were at 10 instead of the normal 14. I'm thinking the alt took a dive but when I get over to my GF's place I investigate some.

I find that on my drivers side battery the positive cable is loose. Its easy to move by hand. I try to tighten it but it wont tighten. So I figure the bolt might have stripped or maybe the part of the battery where the bolt screws into. I tried to remove the cable then but the bolt wont come off.

I can spin it with my fingers in either direction but it doesn't tighten or loosen it just spins.

Its 11PM at night so I figure there isn't anything else I can do but go home and try to get the truck into the shop tomorrow(To cold to try and fix it myself right now). It drove fine, the lights inside and out were at their normal brightness, and the heater worked fine and all. Just I was basically running on one battery instead of two.

I call the shop this morning and they tell me to come on in. I'm afraid the truck won't start since the engine is cold now and its 20 degrees outside. It starts exactly like normal. I mean exactly. I figured if it did start it would be just by the skin of my teeth but there wasn't a problem at all with it.

So I get it into the shop and have them cut the cable off and go ahead and replace the ends of all 4 cables(needed it anyway) and replace both batteries(which I was going to do before next winter anyway).

All and all I got out in 2 hours for 310 bucks (150 of which was the batteries so thats not so bad).

I'm just wondering what would cause my battery/cable post to just spin like that and not transfer any power. I'm also wondering how well it will start in the cold from now on seeing as I'm kinda thinking I've been starting with just 1 battery for at least a while now.
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