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Sort-of Newbie from Baytown, TX

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I actually joined back in '08. At the time I was thinking of getting started fixing up an old Suburban ('92 Silverado C1500) that belongs to my mom. I never really got around to it...till about I week ago! So far:
  • "Fixed" a slipping transmission. Was just low on fluid. Who knew? Topped it off and am now keeping an eye on it!
  • Recharged A/C system a couple of days ago with the help of a neighbor. He had some gauges and hoses. I bought some new refrigerant with some leak seal in it. The A/C was barely getting cool before, but now blows nice and cold again. Yay! (Texas is very very hot right now...)
  • Fixed blower motor problem today. Was only working on high. Figured it was the resistor. Figured out where it was, put it a new one. Now I've got all 3 speeds back! (Only 3 fan speeds in 1992!)
  • Started fixing mushy brakes. Several suggestions of friends and neigbors said "sounds like the master cylinder." Put on a new master cylinder a couple days ago. Finally tried beeding the brakes today. Some improvement in brake feel...but still some pedal travel after a little the fluid is still leaking by in the cylinder:neutral:. Will have to work on this some more.
  • Am now trying to figure out the engine temp gauge not working. No luck with that yet. Does not help that O'Reilly's sold me the wrong sensor today. I got home and my plug does not fit the new sensor. The shapes are close so I thought it looked correct in the store.
The forums have already been a big help for me the last few days. I'm sure I'll be stopping in quite a bit over the next fews weeks as I try to resurrect this old Suburban.
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