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Sound Quality/ On-Star Issue

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OK a new one I need some help on. I have an intermittent issue with the mid-level sound/ On-Star/back up warning system. Sometimes when I start my truck the Onstar sound level is super low and it sounds as if my door speakers are not working at all, I have no mid range sound just the A-pillar tweeters. Other times it is fine. Also I noticed when I have the issue the back-up sensors have no sound either. Is all of this stuff tied in through the head-unit and through the door speakers? What should I go looking for? I was thinking a loose connection in the head unit speaker wire but I wasn't sure if these are the speakers that the On-Star and backup sensors use.
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It is stock and when it cuts out it sounds as if just the front door speakers are cutting out because I still get sound through the A pillar tweeters
If I had to start somewhere I would maybe look at the speakers in the door....if you replace the stock head unit you have to buy an adapter to keep your onstar, door chimes, etc so maybe the Onstar module is bad? Does the back up sensor work off the onstar?
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