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Sound System Help!!!!!

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to anyone who can help: this is my first chevy truck and i recently purchased a 05' Chevy Silverado Crew Cab and I'm stuck at what type of system I can put in the truck and where??? I have some new subs i took out of my old truck and i want to fit them in this new truck but I dont think i can. Suggestions anyone?????
thank you[/b]
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What's your goal for the truck? Do you have your speakers picked out. Are you going to get a new deck as well?
I have 2 12" audiobahn AW1200N that i removed from my other truck. They were in a wedge box behind the seat in a single cab truck. They are only about 8 months old and sound awesome so i would hate to have to give them up. Yes, i plan on buying a new deck. Can't have a great system without a new deck!!!! My opinion at least!!
I have an '06 2500HD extended cab. My subs and amp sit in a box built for sliverados underneath my back seat. It fits great. My buddy has the same thing in his truck.
What type of subs and amp do u have and what is the mounting depth of ur subs???
It is definitely possible

With a little imagination, trust me, you can make it work. I've done installs for people where I welded steel boxes dampened with dynamat undereath the cab. This requires cutting the floor of your truck, so be sure you are ready to deal with any associated issues. (Cab integrity, skillful welding, wires/parts to move or work around) I've seen and done some really kewl stuff to peoples trucks. If you have any questions, or would like advice from someone with experience, just shoot me an email. I plan to drop 2 12 Rockford Fosgates in my extended cab Silverado. Hopefully soon. I'll be sure to get pics when I do.
Mysterious function on the CD Player

I want to know what does the symbol that is behind the 5 in my Silverado 1500 truck!. If you want I can provide a picture of this symbol.
RE: Mysterious function on the CD Player

Let's see it! You can post a photo in the photo gallery and link to it in here.
the only box i know that fits in that model is for two 10's. i have the box for the two 10's and the only subs of any quality i could find that would fit were the audiobahn 10 dub series. the mount depth is like 4 3/4s.

here is what i have
06 silverado crew 1500
jvc avx-1 dvd player w 3inch built in screen
3 ma audio xl 12's in a 1.50 cube per sub box
ma audio 401 sx 1800 watt amp
i have the amp mounted to the sub box with 0 gauge wire ran from the battery. i have this setup to where i can remove it in about 10 mins if i need the extra room.

then i have the 2 10 box under the seat with 2 audiobahn dub series 10's and a soundstorm 900.2 running them.

i also have a 3rd setup i run. i have a probox wedge box the super bass series box with one ma audio xl 12 and i hook it up to the 900.2 soundstorm. i have this option with the box in the seat on the driver side so i still have the passenger side rear seat open but since i have the 10's under the seat it is a two min switch and remove the 12.

on the radio option u have it really comes down to what you like and can afford.
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I have two 12" pioneer subs sitting in the box under my rear seat. The amp is mounted to the box between the subs. overall, there is about a 2 inch clearence between the speakers and the seat.
I have been looking at this box for my 2006 Silverado 2500HD Crew cab.
I have been looking at this box for my 2006 Silverado 2500HD Crew cab.
Thats actually not a bad deal $259 +$40 S.H. I seen that exact box for $319 before S.H. on another web site. They look kinda classy too. Jump on it!
where does everyone mount there stock head unit? i mounted mine on the floor behind the rear seats but if i put any thing back there it turns it on and then my aftermarket and stock radio start mixing:mad: so where do you put it???
I HAD the same problem

I have a 2006 colorado crew cab 4x4 and i hade subs in my car and didn't want to let them sit so i just put my box behind the front passenger seat and the amp under the back seat and i also have a new deck in it. The only thing with putting an aftermarket deck is u have to buy a special cable that conects the stock deck to the new one and the truck because your stock deck controls the air bags and ABS so that's a pain in the A** but after that the rest of the cables are not hard to pull through. I know ATX audio makes boxes for under the seat of colorados/canyons but the bad part about that you can only put one. I was also looking for a box to put under the seat for two subs and i found one, but the bad thing is their only for 8" subs. I'm sure you could put bigger hole. I hope this helps.

2 10" kicker L5 subs with custom kicker box (450 rms a piece)
1 1200.1 clarion mono block amp 800watts RMS @ 2OHM
1 Clarion touch screen cd/satillite player
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