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Spare tire won't budge!

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So I went and had new tires put on my truck (well, newer then what I had) and figured since I have a spare wheel that matches the ones I got on now, I might as well have my brand new spare mounted on it (literally, the spare is the stock spare from the factory and is still brand new). When I took it to my favorite tire shop, 4 of us were working on it for about half an hour, and could not get the damn thing to budge. My tire guy told me to head down to the dealer and they would help me get it off (he said they most likely wouldn't charge me). When I got to the dealer, they said they wouldn't do it unless I paid them the hourly rate which is $98 an hour!

I found this thread:

I'll try the pinching method, but I think I will end up getting frustrated and resorting to the kicking method. The guy at the dealer said there is a bold that holds the mechanism assembly to the frame that I can remove, but I could not feel it. Anyway, I am going to do this tomorrow, but figured I would see if anybody had any other advice.
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The whole assembly is junk! I tried followed the directions saying you had to tighten the cable to trip the secondary.

Didn't work but the part that the jack handle goes into spread & I had to jack up the spare and crank it up w/ no weight on it.

I lubed the secondary and the cable won't crank up enough to lock. I added {2} huge zip ties [verizon issue] from the wheel to the frame. If I ever need the spare it will come down and I'll throw everything in the bed.

The cable system on my S-10 worked every time for 306,000 miles, usually to change the spare as I purchased 4 new tires. This one won't last that long!
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