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Speaker Removal

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I have a 2002 Suburban and suspect that I have a bad speaker in the front passenger door.

How do I remove the door panel to diagnose the speaker? Do I gently pry along the perimeter of the door panel? Are there any screws that need to be removed?


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You will find screws under a small plastic cover in the arm rest/ pull handle.

Depends on the style of interior, if you have pull strap/handle there will be screws under the small plastic caps on each end.

There maybe a screw in the door handle area, again depending on the interior style, extensive.

If you have map pockets, along the bottom of the door panel, them may have screws in the corners of them,

Then...yes you need to start on the bottom and gently....gently pry the panel off....there will be the mushroom plastic cones holding the door panel.

Most importantly...go slow and careful and you will have good success!!
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Your procedure appears to be fine for a Suburban older than mine (2002). I was able to remove the panel and didn't break anything in the process.

Here are the steps I took:

1. Remove a 7MM screw at the bottom of the door panel and take out the storage bin at the bottom of the panel.
2. Remove the 7MM screw at the base of the arm rest.
3. Remove the panel containing the power window switch to reveal a 7MM screw to remove.
4. Remove the trip panel around the door handle.
5. Remove the triangular trim panel behind the ourside mirror.
6. (Here's the fun part). Reach in the opening where the storage bin is located and find two white nylon brackets. Gently push then up where they enter the door itself while simultaneously pulling out on the door trim panel. You will notice that they have two notched "steps" on them as the door trim panel is pulled out. After you get these brackets fully pulled out, you simply push up on the door trip panel to remove it.
7. Disconnect the tweeter speaker wire and remove the courtesy light.

To re-install, follow this procedure in reverse.
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