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so im planning on buying speakers for my 2007 Silverado NBS ext cab does anyone know the sizes of the front and rear door speakers?

also only one speaker in the back is working im assuming its blown however I never heard it blow so it might not actually be getting power (need to tear the door apart and look at it)

anyways any recommendations on speakers? I keep hearing JBL I want the speakers to have a little more bass than normal (not insane loud) just a little more than regular
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Beware the marketing gimmick of peak power ratings. For example, I have an 800W monoblock subwoofer amp in my car. The 12" Kicker driver is only rated 125W, but because of the sealed enclosure I built, it can be driven to ridiculous volume without damage and I'm really not even getting close to the limit of the voice coil. As Enkeiavalanche said, check the RMS value. That's the true power. A larger amp than the rating of the speakers generally isn't a problem unless you are trying to drive 15W speakers with a 1000W amp at full volume.

Sound pressure is a funny thing. Sitting at turn 4 in the stands in Fontana, CA, is painfully loud without ear plugs. Deafening in just a few minutes if you're not careful (I went down to get ear plugs right after the green flag. Ouch!). Most of us will never listen to music that loud. You can get that with less than 100W in your truck very quickly.

Amplifier power is just like engine horsepower. Why do we want 400HP in our daily driver? Just in case we want to cut loose once in a while. :D
Why do we want a 1000W power amp? Because we want to crank BTO's Takin Care Of Business when we're cruisin' the strip or changing the oil.:cool:
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