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so im planning on buying speakers for my 2007 Silverado NBS ext cab does anyone know the sizes of the front and rear door speakers?

also only one speaker in the back is working im assuming its blown however I never heard it blow so it might not actually be getting power (need to tear the door apart and look at it)

anyways any recommendations on speakers? I keep hearing JBL I want the speakers to have a little more bass than normal (not insane loud) just a little more than regular
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Are you going to put in a amp? Most good speakers will not sound good with the 13-18 watts they get from just a radio. If you do not plan on amping your speakers look at the Jl audio Tr's they have a good even sound for low wattage. Stay away from 3-4 way speakers like from pioneer unless you want a ear bleed.. a speaker that say 200 watts in the back would want a min of 75 watts rms to sound good..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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