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Hey everyone I just installed a Street Scene Speed Grille on my 07 Sierra New Body Style. Well first off I'm not the most harcore grease monkey and this was my first grille install. So on that note it started as a Pain in the A$$. The instructions are fairly straight forward and easy to understand. It says your supposed to remove the grille assembly from the truck but there are 6 clips that attach from the grille to the housing to the bumper. It says you should have a special tool got getting them off eaiser which of course I didn't have and tried for about an hour to get the grille assembly off the truck. After a few cuts and scrapes and some raw fingers I decided to just leave the darn thing on the truck. The directions aren't real clear on how to attach it so after another 1/2 hour to 45 min of testing and pondering I got it attached. The bottom uses clips and top requires that you drill 4 holes into the plastic shell to attach. That was the easiest part by far. In order to reattach the GMC logo you need some special clips which of course were not in the box. So I'll have to call monday and get some. But overall the fit is fairly good. It doesn't line up perfect for putting the GMC logo back on so I'll have to snip a piece of metal on each side which you wont see so that's fine with me. I'm happy with the product and think it looks great. Someone else with more experience would be able to do it in an hour. I give quality an A, Instructions B, Overall fitment A so I think it's a good product. If you get one and have any questions let me know. :great:
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