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Speedometer stuck at 65mph.

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2004 Silverado, extended cab, Z-71, 5.3 Liter engine.
On the way home last night I noticed my speedo was reading 65 mph. I didn't feel that I was going that fast. Took my foot off the pedal and as it slowed down the needle stayed at 65. Got home and turned it off and it still reads 65 mph. Any ideas? Had a problem several months ago with my oil pressure guage and found out it was the sensor thanks to this site. Thanks guys/gals.
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This is a common problem on that year truck. We serviced thousands of those instrument clusters. It's a faulty gauge motor that needs to be replaced. We offer this service on our website for a full rebuild plus LED backlighting upgrade for a fair price.

Here is all the empty trays of stepper motors that we replaced, We have done thousands of them. We know them in and out.
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