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Spinners (new wheels)

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I have been seeing these around for a few years? who can fill me in on what they are?
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You can get spinners at most of the major tire and wheel shops. Including dicount tire center or other shops like that.
I've seen some really BAD spinners out there...just really cheap looking. If you're going to get them, spend the money. Spinners are expensive...going on the cheap is only going to make them look cheap!! I'm gonna try and get some next year, expect will cost around 4k.
First time I ever saw them I thought my car was rolling backwards when I was at a stop. I wanted to hit my brakes and push them trhough the floor.
No one really explained what spinners are....out here they are everywhere and look so bad.

It is when you have a wheel, then on top of the wheel is another piece that can spin. They move with the motion of the car. that is why when the car stops, since they were sent in to motion they keep going. If the car is stopped too long of course they stop. Good spinners can spin for a while at red lights.

They are very expensive. Like Ck Vin said, there are bad spinners out there. The bad spinners usually all don't spin or one will spin fast and others slow.

Ck Vin did you ever go and get some? I went with reg. wheels on my car. I bought MHT Kaotik wheels.

I have noticed by just listening, that usually you are made fun of out here if you have spinners on your car. I personally thing that they are dumb looking.
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Well, just like anything, there are some communities that accept them and some that reject them. Just like anything.
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